The Montek straight teeth bevel gear

The productive evolution at Montek S.r.l. in straight teeth bevel gearing is demonstrated by the constant growth in the vast technological machine inventory we have acquired over time to perfect our work.

We have 26 machines, 18 of which are robotic, to ensure maximum production versatility and timely delivery of products.

We offer bevel gears created with flexibility and speed, guaranteeing a high level of safety and performance.

Each product is made on the basis of a design provided by you, and its creation is carefully controlled at all stages:

Our Straight Teeth Bevel Gear department consists of:

  • Gleason 104 gear hobbing machine supported by anthropomorphic robots
  • Manual Gleason 104 gear hobbing machine
Module Dimensions
from module 2 to module 8/9 from Ø 30 mm to Ø 220 mm
from module 5 to module 13 from Ø 50 mm to Ø 450 mm

In order to be able to respond promptly to requirements (within size limits) and offer you an even better service, we have made the decision to use single-brand gear hobbing machines manufactured by a leading company.

The advantages of bevel gears

Bevel gears allow the transmission of continuous rotary motion between opposing axes.

The size of the teeth decreases steadily toward the smallest part of the wheel.

Their basic purpose is to transmit power between shafts with different intersection angles with radial and axial bearing stress.

They are robust and have the advantage of allowing interchangeability even years later.

Application areas for bevel gears

Our bevel gears are employed in a variety of sectors and their applications can be used for:

  • automatic machines
  • automotive
  • agricultural and earthmoving machinery
  • bevel gears for hydraulic pumps
  • spare parts for after sales market
  • differential bevel gears
  • right angle gear drives
  • drive axles